Non-profit Research Association

The QOL-ONE Association, a private association for non-profit research, was founded in 2007 for scientific research on quality of life in patients with hematologic diseases.

Since 2017, QOL-ONE has been recognized by the Italian Ministry of Health as a Research Institute (DPCM -Article 1, paragraph 353, of Law No.266 of 2005, Official Gazette – General Series – no. 290 of 13 December 2016).

QOL-ONE promotes and coordinates clinical trials with the goal of improving treatment and quality of life of  patients with hematologic diseases.

Hematologists from international centers are involved as investigators in the trials of QOL-ONE.

The QOL-ONE association is registered as a “Sponsor” at the Osservatorio Nazionale sulla Sperimentazione Clinica dei Medicinali (oo-sper-clin.agenziafarmaco.it/) with code sp001041.

Since 2014 QOL-ONE is  an  accredited Provider (code 4386) by AGE.NA.S. (National Agency for Regional Health Services) for Continuous Medical Education.