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Scholarships and internships

In accordance with Article 6 of our statute, QOL-ONE allocates part of its funds to scholarships and internships for graduates involved in scientific research in the medical field.

Scholarships awarded

2016 – Scholarship awarded to 1 laboratory technician as part of the project entitled ‘Validation of a reduced panel for the diagnosis of paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria (EPN), proposed by the Cytofluorimetry Laboratory of ‘Grande Ospedale Metropolitano B.M.M.’ of Reggio Calabria. (General Manager’s Resolution no. 237 of 19.02.2016).

2016 – Scholarship awarded to 1 TSRM for performing paramedical activities and collaborate in research activities in the field of radiology within Licnet project (Liver Italian Cutino NETwork), at ‘Grande Ospedale Metropolitano B.M.M.’ of Reggio Calabria. (General Manager’s Resolution no. 358 of 18.04.2016).

2016 – Scholarship awarded to 1 radiology specialist within the project ‘Assessment of the quality of life of head-neck cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy treatment’ at ‘Grande Ospedale Metropolitano B.M.M.’ of Reggio Calabria. (General Manager’s Resolution no. 356 of 18.04.2016)


Internship awarded to a biologist for the development of Clinical Trials skills.
Internship awarded to a statistics graduate for developing the skills needed to comprehend hospital staff tasks such as classifying, filing and storing collected or received documents and materials according to predefined criteria and procedures in order to make them available; completing feasibility questionnaires; interacting with promoters and CROs for the management of trial documentation material; coordinating with the Ethics Committee for the submission of trial approval/amendment documentation; liaising with the Ethics Committee for the periodic monitoring of ongoing studies (e.g. reporting any adverse events, enrolling the first patient, closing the centre); managing the facility (instrument calibration certificates, monitoring of correct functioning, collection of temperature logs); managing the monitoring visits; patient screening/randomisation procedures, in collaboration with the medical staff; booking of visits/procedures required by the protocol.
Internship for 1 graduate in PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMISTRY AND TECHNOLOGY on recruitment and training of interviewers; coordination of the survey network (e.g. supervision, assistance and deployment of interviewers in the area, etc.); preparation and distribution of data collection models; monitoring of data collection activities (e.g. number of interviews, timing, response and dropout rates, etc.); analysis and processing of the collected data; data extraction and classification; database and archive management.

2023 – 2 scholarships for two biologists on DNA extraction, manipulation of biological samples, and NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) analysis. (Resolution 95 of 20.02.2023).

2023 – Internship for 1 candidate with a diploma, aimed at developing the necessary skills for supporting office tasks such as organising meetings, business trips, appointments and contacts, typing and forwarding verbal dispositions and notes, activating and executing the bureaucratic procedures necessary for the functioning of activities and processes for which the office is responsible and for the circulation of information and documentation among the various offices; preparing documentation and performing operational support tasks for the activities of press and public relations offices; CME accreditation; managing clinical trials documentation; communicating with ethics committees; translating documents into English; monitoring of the website and social media.

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