QOL-ONE Association

Association for hematological research on the quality of life

QOL-ONE Association was founded in Reggio Calabria in October 2007. The association combines scientific hematology research with a strong focus on the quality of life of hematological patients.


QOL-ONE Association’s main activity is to develop and manage national and international multicentre clinical trials focusing on new treatments of hematological diseases.

The clinical objectives of the studies include efficacy in terms of response to treatments, survival and subjective patient measurement (quality of life and symptoms, i.e. Patient Reported Outcomes), and safety (assessment of treatment-associated adverse events).
QOL-ONE also conducts translational studies.

The trials involve many hematologists, patients and hematology centres located both nationwide and abroad.

Completed trials

Our commitment and our results

Ongoing trials

Our relentless commitment


The activities of QOL-ONE Association embrace scientific research without neglecting any of its many aspects.


We strongly believe in the value of scientific dissemination as an instrument of knowledge and progress.


A young person’s choice depends on his or her talent, but also on the good fortune of meeting a great mentor.


One of our aims is to encourage exchange of ideas and scientific collaboration at all levels among researchers.

Conferences and events

We strongly believe in the value of scientific dissemination as an instrument of knowledge and progress.

Conference archive

Since its inception, QOL-ONE Association has been organising conferences and events dedicated to scientific education and research.

Current conferences

Registration is required and can be done by sending an email to ecm.qolone@gmail.com or filling in the registration form below, subject to availability.

About us: our mission and history

QOL-ONE Association was born thanks particularly to the efforts of Dr Esther Natalie Oliva and her passion for research, that has led her to activate many research protocols in collaboration with Italian and international hospital centres over the years.

‘What is QOL-ONE? Quality of Life (QoL): these words encapsulate the essence of QOL-ONE, a non-profit association founded in 2007 with the aim of carrying out medical and psychosocial research projects aimed at promoting QoL in patients suffering from hematological diseases.’

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