About us

What is QOL-ONE? Quality of Life (QoL): these words encapsulate the essence of QOL-ONE, a non-profit association founded in 2007 with the aim of carrying out medical and psychosocial research projects aimed at promoting QoL in patients suffering from hematological diseases.

Our history and our mission

QOL-ONE Association was born thanks particularly to the efforts of Dr Esther Natalie Oliva and her passion for research, that has led her to activate a great number of research protocols in collaboration with Italian and international hospital centres over the years.
The cornerstone of our association is that the evaluation of a patient’s illness and treatment cannot be separated from the evaluation of his or her QoL, so that QoL become a key element for improving the therapeutic pathway. QoL is a measure of the patient’s perception of his/her physical, psychosocial and spiritual condition while living with his/her illness. We don’t want patients to feel like sick persons, but like persons that are living with an illness, because we don’t see them just as numbers in a protocol. They are human beings that we do not want to disappoint and who have entrusted us with their hopes and expectations of gaining even just one more day of life, as long as it is quality life.

Our Team

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.

Andrew Caregie


Dr. Rocco Tripepi

President of QOL-ONE Association since March 2023. Collaboratore Tecnico Ente di Ricerca at CNR, Istituto di Fisiologia Clinica, U.O.S di Epidemiologia Clinica e Fisiopatologia delle Malattie Renali e dell’Ipertensione Arteriosa, Reggio Calabria

Vice President

Dr. Esther Natalie Oliva

Vice President of QOL-ONE Association since June 2019, as well as founding member. Director, Administrative Manager and Coordinator of the Scientific Committee of the CME sector Vice President of the EHA Study Working Group. Qualified as Professore di Malattie del Sangue, Oncologia e Reumatologia di Fascia II from 31-10-2018 to 31-10-2024 Dirigente Medico di I livello, Divisione di Ematologia, Grande Ospedale Metropolitano “B.M.M”, Reggio Calabria, since 1999.


Dr. Maria Cuzzola

Secretary and Member of the Scientific Committee of QOL-ONE Association, and member of the association since 2014. Dirigente biologo I livello at the UOSD ‘Centro Regionale Tipizzazione Tissutale’, Grande Ospedale Metropolitano “B.M.M”, Reggio Calabria.

Honorary Member

Agostino Cortellezzi

Honorary Member since January 2014. President of Fondazione ASME (Assistenza e Studio Malati Ematologici) Onlus.

Honorary Member

Roberto Latagliata

Honorary member since January 2014. Member of the Scientific Committee of QOL-ONE Association. Direttore Ematologia Ospedale Belcolle, Viterbo.

Administrative and scientific secretariat

Roberta Siclari

Administrative and scientific secretariat. Quality Manager CME sector.

Administrative and scientific secretariat

Sabrina Vazzana

Administrative and scientific secretariat. CME organisational secretariat.


Via C. Quattrone n°8 Pellaro
Reggio Calabria 89134


+39 329 869 9514