Daniel T. Starcynowski, PhD

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH 45229, USA

From 2015 QOL-ONE collaborates with Prof. Daniel Starcynoski.

Aim of the research is to determine the effects of Eltrombopag on hematopoietic function of MDS marrow cells.  Bone marrow cells from MDS patients at diagnosis (from Eltrombopag responders and non responders) will be examined for megakaryocyte and myeloid/ erythroid progenitor function following treatment with Eltrombopag in vitro. Megakaryocyte  progenitor colony formation will be measured in MegaCut-C Collagen for 7 days. Myeloid/ erythroid progenitor function will be measured in MethoCult for 7 days.

The study expectation is that MDS patients responding to Eltrombopag in the clinic (i.e., hematological response) will exhibit increased myeloid and megakaryocyte progenitor activity upon stimulation with Eltrombopag in vitro.